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Send Transactional Emails With Next.js and SendinBlue

Introduction Next.js is a wonderful Framework based on React that allows us to render views from the server side. In this tutorial, we will use Next.js with Sendinblue to send transactional emails. Sendinblue is a comprehensive suite of SaaS communication tools, including email marketing…

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Setup Docker-Compose with WordPress

Stop wasting time setting up your local environment and start developing. Today I want to share with you how I set up my local WordPress with Docker-Compose. Hopefully you can get some use out of it. As the first step of the Modern WordPress Project We are going to start setting up our local…

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Build a Contact Form with React and PHP

Build a contact form with React and use in your PHP or Wordpress Website!.

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Using LESS with create-react-app without Ejecting

If you’re a fan of create-react-app (React’s official command line interface), you probably know it should support SASS by default. This feature is ready and will be included in the next release of the project. So, using SASS or SCSS with CRA should be rather simple. But, what happens when you want…

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Track users in your React app with Google Analytics

I have a production-ready React app. How do I track my users? The answer is: Google analytics 🧙 I will show you how you can track users and their actions in your react app using google analytics. Let’s get started. First install reactGA package, Navigate to the root and run : or Package: https…

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